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National Latina / Latino Commission
Goals of NLLC

Goals of the Executive Faith-Based Cabinet
The cabinet will focus on the following objectives:

  • To maintain unity between each of the Faith-Based cabinet members. Each FB cabinet member will agree to set aside their preconceived ideas, community and faith differences and work to establish common ideas and objectives to be shared by the cabinet as a whole. The cabinet will consist of mature, ethical and experienced leaders.
  • To work to build a reliable economic model that will demonstrate a healthy relationship between the "giver" (federal, state, local governments and private donors) and the non-profit organization.
  • To develop a statewide vision and mission statement that each and every non-profit in each state can realistically follow. The FB cabinet will explore ways to communicate this unified vision and mission statement to the community at large.
  • To collectively recruit partners who will inspire other leaders to work together agreed community goals and to press toward a higher level of maturity among the leadership of each great state.
  • To explore educational opportunities and possibilities that individuals and families can better educate themselves on related issues.
  • To build relationships with key leaders from each of the communities and faith-based communities in each state . The   FB cabinet will be diligent to listen to their different views, then work to build common goals in order to assist each of them in accomplishing their objectives. In general, the cabinet will be known for pursuing peace with all individuals.
  • To be a "sounding board," as such, where non-profit leaders can share opinions, ideas and even complaints. The cabinet will know the heartbeat of the people.
  • To stimulate the economy of giving. The FB cabinet will strategize ways to train and encourage philanthropists to be more focused in their giving, helping them to invest their donor dollars in non-profits that are truly making a difference.
  • To create ways to improve and/or develop an education system that will train leaders to become better "CEO's" of their non-profits, educating them on how to apply for federal, state and private funding, how to be better managers, how to develop a volunteer work force and other helpful educational opportunities. FB Cabinet members will work at recruiting attendees for agreed upon training opportunities.
  • To be a bridge between national and state policy makers and the community and faith-based entities of each state. This FB cabinet will feed information to legislators by keeping the appropriate parties updated on the concerns and issues of the non-profits.
  • To develop a long-term plan and approach to strengthening the future leaders of tomorrow. This should be accomplished by providing educational opportunities for the youth we Mentor to learn more about how to become effective political, community and faith-based leaders.
  • To explore ideas on how to discard negative perceptions held by the national and state governments toward the faith-based community.
  • To utilize the momentum created by our last 2 President's of the United States in regard to the Community and Faith-Based Initiatives.

In summary, the National Latina / Latino Commission  Faith- Based Cabinet will promote our Mentoring Program in the business and non-profit community. NLLC will assist non-profits and small businesses, especially minority women owned businesses, in training CEO's to become better educated, stimulate more growth and growth management within the  small business community, churches and faith-based entities, reform and develop a more positive non-profit public view, and develop a united working relationship between the national, state and local government with all non-profit's and business entities throughout the United States of America.

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