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National Latina / Latino Commission

The Benefits Of Partnerships

  • Being an integrating hub for each of these Partners.
  • Linking websites between each Partner, that agrees by using a web network program specially designed to accomplish just that.
  • Provide a registry program through a website that will "sign Partners up" on a statewide and national level. All registered Partners can be made aware of activities going on throughout each state. Individual partners will even be able to post their own activity calendars.
  • Having the ability to provide non-profit groups with news on new legislation, federal dollars that may come available, decisions and news from the White House Faith-based and Community Initiative Office and other informative news.
  • Assisting new non-profits become well established by answering questions they may have developing as a non-profit.
  • Connecting all interested non-profits in obtaining information or providing goods or services to each state by Doing Buisness With Each State . The department of Economic Security is working with Community Based Organizations including Charitable, Faith-based Organizations, and Private Organizations. NLLC wants to help get all interested  Faith-Based Partners with Free  Registration.
  • Establishing  a link to all interested in details on how to obtain Information on Mentoring, Employment Opportunities, Training, and Workforce Development information.
  • Reudcing duplication of efforts by many other similar organizations.
  • Provide an annual Faith-Based and Community Leadership Summit. A leadership conference, which would seek to unite, encourage and assist leaders to work collectively on common goals, with the aim of reducing duplication and fostering of their services.
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