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National Latina / Latino Commission
Strategy of NLLC

To accomplish compliance reporting, National Latina / Latino Commission (NLLC) will take a balanced three-part approach to ensure that both public and private grants are wisely spent and provide successful results. The three-part approach includes the following:

  • Training activities on proven logic models .
  • Cutting edge technical assistance technology.
  • A solid system of monitoring and mentoring.

A unique and powerful aspect of the NLLC training is that we will Partner with other existing National intermediaries Organization in the concept of multiplying grant money. This is accomplished by attaining matching donations and grants as part of the process in receiving specific public or private grant funds. This approach prevents the organization from being overly dependent on a single grant source and significantly increases the benefits of any grant funds received. To accurately reflect the use of grant funds, all reports must be prepared to show not just the expenditures of a single grant, but the combined expenditures of the multiplied grant funds.

There will be two levels of reporting to NLLC by the re-grant recipients:

  • Traditional accounting information about revenue, expenses and balance sheet accounts, including tracking of specific grant funds.
  • Critical elements of success (CES) that identify the non-financial performance measures of achievements.

NLLC will then roll-up the reports from re-grant recipients and prepare reports at the NLLC level that will identify:

  • The specific distribution of the grant funds received.
  • The multiplying effect of the grant funds.
  • Specific reports on the spending of grant funds.
  • The combined expenditures of the multiplied funds.
    • This report would provide standardized information from the traditional income statement.
  • The critical elements of success (CES) planned and achieved during the reporting period. These reports would be very work specific at the re-grant level, but would roll-up at the NLLC level into three categories:
    • People impacted
    • Service provided
    • Successful outcomes
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